Announcing The Edinburgh Bavinck Conference 1-2 September 2010

The New College School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam cordially invite you to attend the Edinburgh Bavinck Conference 1-2 September 2010 at the New College. James Eglinton, a New College PhD student who is researching Bavinck’s “use of the ‘organic,'” is facilitating the conference, and the lineup of speakers and topics looks stimulating.

The two-day schedule, which is intentionally patterned after Bavinck’s theology (i.e., theology precedes ethics), is as follows:

Wednesday, September 1st: Bavinck on Theology

Opening Address
by Professor David Fergusson
Bavinck’s use of Wisdom Literature in Systematic Theology
by Professor John Bolt
Bavinck’s concept of the divine call to grace in relationship to Reformed Orthodoxy
by Dr. Henk van den Belt
Bavinck’s employment of Augustine as an antidote to Ritschl
by Dr. Mark Elliot
Bavinck, Barth and the Uniqueness of the Eucharist
by Dr. Paul Nimmo

Thursday, September 2nd: Bavinck on Culture and Ethics

Bavinck and Islam
by Professor George Harinck
Bavinck on ‘The Imitation of Christ’
by Dr. Dirk van Keulen
Bavinck and Christian Certainty
by Professor Donald Macleod
Nationhood in question: Welsh devolution between Rowan Williams and the Dutch Reformed tradition
by Dr. Carys Moseley

Conference Details

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