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If Bavinck would never have imagined that his magnum opus would be translated into English (see TBR 1 (2010) pp. 1-3), then he would have been overwhelmed to learn that Baker Academic’s four-volume English translation of his Gereformeerde Dogmatiek is being published in an electronic, searchable, cross-referenced format by Logos Bible Software!

Logos describes the electronic edition’s features as follows:

With your Logos Bible Software the entire Reformed Dogmatics set is fully searchable and easily accessible. Scripture references are linked to your favorite Bible translations and original texts, and important theological concepts are linked to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the wealth of resources in your digital library.

The digital format takes Bavinck scholarship to a whole new level. Every mention of a particular Scripture reference throughout the Dogmatics, e.g., can be found with just couple of clicks. Readers attune to Bavinck’s frequent usage of Latin technical terms from 16th and 17th century Reformed orthodoxy, moreover, will appreciate how the Logos edition facilitates the ability to quickly

Discounted Pre-Publication Pricing

A friend from Logos has informed us that the production of Bavinck’s electronic text is nearing its final stages, thus the work is due to be released shortly. This means that time is limited for securing the pre-published discount price.

(NB: Academic discounts will be available for professors and students after the publication date; however, the lowest price tends to be the pre-pub price.)

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3 Replies to “The Reformed Dogmatics on Logos Bible Software”

  1. Hey, I’ve read the section of Bavinck’s RD on theology proper, which was great! Where would you suggest I start in the full 4-vol set? What would give me a taste of Bavinck in particular?

    Also, I was excited to find this blog… I’ve already told a number of people about it!


    1. Hi Tim,

      Glad you found the site!

      For my two cents on where to begin in Bavinck’s works, if you are just jumping in, you may enjoy starting with Bavinck’s own summary of his 4 vol. Dogmatics, entitled, Our Reasonable Faith. Another of his shorter works, The Sacrifice of Praise, is freely available online, as is his Philosophy of Revelation. If you already have vol. 2 and have already read sections 1-3, I’d continue on into the subsequent sections on creation and anthropology.

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