Upcoming Dissertation

Aart Goedvree, Theological University of Kampen (PThU)

Title: Een ondoordringbaar mysterie: Herman Bavinck en zijn concept van wedergeboorte en zijn bronnen (ET: An Impenetrable Mystery: Herman Bavinck and his concept of regeneration and its sources)

Description: My dissertation examines Herman Bavinck’s doctrine of regeneration. The extensive debates over this doctrine in 19th and 20th century Dutch neo-Calvinism form the context for my study. The scope of my research includes Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics (1st and 2nd eds.), his unpublished Reformed Ethics manuscript, and many sources relating to the doctrine of regeneration as developed from Calvin’s to Kuyper’s times. My study is divided into two parts: First I present a systematic-theological overview of the developments of regeneration from Calvin to Kuyper. Second, I analyze Bavinck’s formulation of the concept and sources of regeneration.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. J. Hoek.

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  1. Hi there, is there any way that I could get a copy of this. Looking into the definition of how Bavinck defines ‘regeneration’ not simply where it is located in the order of salvation.

    1. Hi Deryck,

      Aart’s dissertation is still in progress. Once it is finished I assume it will be available via the PThU library.

      In the meantime consider the following studies relating to Bavinck’s view of the ordo salutis:

      • Gleason, Ron. “Did Herman Bavinck Teach an ‘Ordo Salutis’ in His Theology?
      • Idem, “The Centrality of the Unio Mystica in the Theology of Herman Bavinck.” Ph.D. Diss., Westminster Theological Seminary, 2001.
      • Hoekema, Anthony Andrew. “Herman Bavinck’s Doctrine of the Covenant.” Th.D. Diss., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1953. (NB: Available as a .PDF download for $2.50.)
      • De Jong, Jerome. “The Ordo Salutis as developed by the Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck”. Th.M. Thesis, Union Theological Seminary, 1947.

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