Call for Papers for the 2011 Bavinck Conference

The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Theological Seminary is pleased to announce a call for papers for the October 12-14, 2011, international Bavinck Conference, entitled, After 9/11/11…What? Reformed Theology and the Church’s Global Mission Today.

are invited to submit papers for a scholarship contest and a pre-conference discussion with Bavinck scholars on October 12, 2011. Please send paper proposals to office of Continuing Education.

The conference will be held at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (map). Further details regarding the conference schedule, speakers, rates, registration, and accommodations will be posted on this website shortly.

8 Replies to “Call for Papers for the 2011 Bavinck Conference”

    1. Hi David,

      Non-seminary students are welcome to submit papers. If you are a non-seminary PhD student, use the PhD form; if you are a non-seminary master’s student (e.g., MA in philosophy, history, etc.), use the Seminary form.

  1. Dear Laurence,

    I’ll be finishing my MA programm this month. So I’m neither a seminary, nor a PHD student. Am I allowed (if I can find some spare time!) to join the contest? If yes, which form?

    Warm greetings from Amsterdam

  2. I’m a little unclear. We have a number of posters about this scholarship up at our seminary. However, the poster says “Scholarship competition – call for papers”, and then says “Scholarships available to students in seminaries, divinity schools and faculties of theology outside North America”. Since our seminary is within North America, this means we cannot apply? Correct?

    1. Hi Tim,

      Sorry for the confusion. North American students are welcome to submit masters- and undergraduate-level papers. (The PhD paper proposal deadline—February 15—has already passed.)

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