CLP publishes translation of The Christian Family by Herman Bavinck

The Christian’s Library Press recently announced its publication of the first English translation of Herman Bavinck’s Het Christelijk Huisgezin, 2nd ed. (1912): The Christian Family.

Originally written in Dutch by a major Reformed theologian, this English translation explains the origins of marriage and the family then describes how sin has affected human relationships. When it was published in 1908, the book served as a manual for Christian families just as the secular concepts of marriage and family were beginning to change. Bavinck evaluates historic Christian theology that deals with marriage and makes it applicable for his readers.

The family unit is the building block of society and because of this, Christian families must be morally healthy. For society to flourish, Bavinck explains, families must first be moral.  Rather than change as the secular world changes, Christian families must remain firm and follow Biblical instruction.  The Christian Family, rooted in biblical truth, explains marriage and family life in a simple manner that is especially applicable for modern readers.

John Bolt, professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, said readers will be “challenged” by Bavinck on the very issues that threaten the family today. “They will be also encouraged because Bavinck so obviously loved the family and celebrated it in hope,” he said. “This is a great read for those who are married or contemplating marriage and family.” — CLP press release

The Christian Family is available in print, Kindle, and several digital editions.

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