Bavinck Review 7 Published

The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary is pleased to release The Bavinck Review 7 (2016) (1.2 MB PDF). See the editorial for an update on the Reformed Ethics project, two additional pending publications, and the formal establishment of the Institute.



Knowledge according to Bavinck and Aquinas by Arvin Vos

In Translation

Herman Bavinck’s Modernisme en Orthodoxie: A Translation by Bruce R. Pass

Pearls and Leaven

An Excerpt on Prayer from Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics by John Bolt

Bavinck Bibliography 2015

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  1. Just want to say how much I appreciate the availability of a scholarly EJournal at no cost! I have downloaded all the Journals since Volume 1. The Dutch Reformed tradition is rich and applicable today. I have read so much of Kuyper’s works and has been a pleasure reading Bavinck! Thank you again!

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