2011 “After 9/11/11 . . . What?” Bavinck Conference Lectures

The following lectures were delivered at the 12–13 October 2011 international Bavinck conference, “After 9/11/11 . . . What? Reformed Theology and the Church’s Global Mission Today,” held at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI.

“Abraham Kuyper’s Visit to the Holy Land” by Bert De Vries (MP3)

“The Political Challenge of Islam” by Mark Durie and John Bolt (MP3)

“Inter Religious Dialogue” by Amy Diane Richards, Cornelis Van der Kooi, James Payton (MP3)

“Religion as Revelation?” by Henk Van den Belt (MP3)

“Bavinck’s Vox Theologiae in Conversation with Other Religions” by James Eglinton (MP3)

J.H. Bavinck and Religious Consciousness by Stefan Paas & C.J. Haak (MP3)

“Islam in Reformed Perspective” by Paul J. Visser (MP3)

“Samuel Zwemer: Missionary to Islam” by Roger Greenway (MP3)

“Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck on Islam: A Comparison” by Dirk Van Keulen (MP3)

(The audio files are archived at the Internet Archive.)