2008 “Pearl and Leaven” Bavinck Conference Lectures

The following lectures were delivered at the 2008 “Perl and Leaven” conference in celebration of the completed English translation of Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. Many of these papers have been published in the Calvin Theological Journal 45 no. 1, April 2010, and two (i.e., Bratt and Van Keulen) have been published in Bavinck Review 1 (2010).

18 September 2008

Herman Bavinck Speaks Today: A Panel — John Bolt, Gordon Graham, R. Albert Mohler (MP3, blog)

19 September 2008

Herman Bavinck and Geerhardus Vos — George Harinck (MP3, blog)

The God of Philosophy and of the Holy Scripture: Herman Bavinck and John Paul II — Eduardo J. Echeverria (MP3, blog)

The Context of Bavinck’s 1908 Princeton Stone Lectures — James Bratt, Mark Noll (MP3, blog)

Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics — Dirk van Keulen (MP3, blog)

Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms in the Thought of Herman Bavinck — David VanDrunen, Nelson Kloosterman (MP3, blog)

God’s Word in Servant-Form: Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck on Scripture — Richard Gaffin, Ron Gleason (MP3, blog)

Autopistia, the Self-Convincing Character of Scripture in H. Bavinck and B. Warfield — Henk van den Belt, Raymond Blacketer (MP3, blog)

Karl Barth and Herman Bavinck — John A. Vissers, Cornelis van der Kooi (MP3, blog)

Herman Bavinck on Catholicity — Barend Kamphuis, James Payton (MP3, blog)

Herman Bavinck and Reformed Epistemology — Nicholas Wolterstorff (MP3, blog)

20 September 2008

Herman Bavinck and the Pearl/Leaven Imbalance in Contemporary Youth Ministry — Syd Hielema, Darwin Glassford (MP3, blog)

Religion, Mission, and Kingdom: A Comparison of Herman Bavinck and Johan Herman Bavinck — Paul J. Visser, Allan Janssen (MP3, blog)

Reports on Herman Bavinck’s Reception in Korea, Brazil, and Italy — Simon Sang-Kyun Ko, Heber Campos, Andrea Ferrari (MP3)

(The audio files are archived at the Internet Archive.)