• The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute — A research institute connected to the Theological University Kampen, Netherlands. The Neo-Calvinism Research Institute promotes research and scholarship related to representatives of Neo-Calvinism such as Herman Bavinck, Abraham Kuyper, and Klaas Schilder.
  • A new digital bibliography of Herman Bavinck — A collection of sources in digital format maintained by the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute.
  • The Bavinck Lectures — An annual lectureship cosponsored by the Historisch Documentatiecentrum at the VU University Amsterdam and Nederlands Dagblad.
  • Digital Library of Abraham Kuyper — A digital archive that contains nearly the entire published corpus of Bavinck’s predecessor in the chair of dogmatics at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.
  • — A useful site with readable introductions to Bavinck’s theology, access to key writings, and some recent scholarly work on Bavinck.
  • Herman Bavinck Center for Reformed and Evangelical Theology (HBCRET) — A research center at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to study and advance the tradition of Reformed theology that inspired the founders of the VU.
  • Post-Reformation Digital Library — A comprehensive digital library of theological and philosophical works from sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy. Many of the primary sources referenced in Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics can be found here.
  • Project Neocalvinisme — A complete (Dutch only) bibliography of Bavinck’s works along with a list of material in the Bavinck archives at the Historisch Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlands Protestantisme (1800-heden), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. This site also contains primary sources from Herman Bavinck, Jan Bavinck (Herman’s father), Abraham Kuyper, Klaas Schilder, and Foppe Ten Hoor, among others.
  • Reformation Art: Herman Bavinck — Purchase a Bavinck portrait.

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