Submission Guidelines

What types of submissions does the Bavinck Review receive?

The editorial committee is pleased to receive solicited and unsolicited scholarly essays, translations, and book reviews pertaining to Herman Bavinck and J. H. Bavinck studies in particular and twentieth-century Dutch neo-Calvinism in general. Ordinarily, relevant topics will include Reformed dogmatics, ethics, and missiology. Interdisciplinary approaches to these topics are welcome.

Do unsolicited submissions require a proposal?

Yes. Unsolicited submissions should be preceded by a brief proposal sent to the editor.

  • For essay proposals please include the topic, a brief state of the question, and a tentative thesis statement.
  • For translation proposals please include a reference to the primary source and a brief sample translation.
  • For book review proposals please provide the reference of the work to be reviewed and a brief statement of the work’s relevance to Bavinck scholarship.

Ordinarily, proposals should be submitted no later than February.

Proposals will be reviewed by the editor on a rolling basis. Approval of a proposal means that, when ready, the author may submit his or her completed essay, translation, or book review into the normal peer-review process.

What is TBR’s peer-review process?

The editorial committee employs a double-blind review process. Ordinarily, two reviewers will vet an essay or translation submission. The reviewers will provide the editor a determination (i.e., approved, rejected, approved pending improvements) and whatever critical comments they deem appropriate. The editor then will make a final determination regarding the submission and will communicate with the author.

Submissions will be received and processed on a rolling basis. If possible essays, translations, and book reviews should be sent to the editor no later than March, and book reviews by April. Please allow up to eight weeks for the peer-review process.

After completing the peer review process, manuscripts are typeset and copy edited. A proof is sent to the author for a final inspection prior to publication.

What are the manuscript formatting guidelines?

  1. All manuscripts submitted to TBR should be typewritten, double-spaced, and formatted according to CMS using the footnotes system with full initial references and short-form subsequent references. Please use inclusive pagination (e.g., 166–67, not 166f.), and avoid content footnotes when possible.*
  2. For essay and translation submissions, all references to the identity of the author should be replaced with *** in text and footnotes. Please delete the author’s name from the file’s metadata. But please include the author’s name, academic title or position, institutional affiliation, and location in the submission e-mail to the editor.
  3. Essay manuscripts should be approx. 8,000–12,000 words including footnotes.
  4. Book reviews should be approx. 500–1,500 words. Please include all bibliographic information at the head of the review using the format found in previous editions such as TBR 3.
  5. ODT, DOC, and RTF are the preferred file formats for e-mail attachments.

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