Volume 4 (2013)

Bavinck Review 4 (2013)

Bavinck Review 4 (2013) (1.2 MB PDF)



Religion as Revelation? The Development of Herman Bavinck’s View from a Reformed Orthodox to a Neo-Calvinist Approach by Henk van den Belt

A Soft Spot for Paganism? Herman Bavinck and “Insider” Movements by Brian G. Mattson

A Brief Response to Mattson’s “A Soft Spot for Paganism? Bavinck and Insider Movements” by J. W. Stevenson

Bavinckiana digitalia: A Review Essay by Laurence O’Donnell

Herman Bavinck on Natural Law and Two Kingdoms: Some Further Reflections by John Bolt

In Translation

Letters to a Dying Student: Bavinck’s Letters to Johan van Haselen translated and introduced by James Eglinton

Pearls and Leaven

The Imitation of Christ Is Not the Same in Every Age by John Bolt

Bavinck Bibliography 2012

Book Reviews

Mattson, Brian G., Restored to our Destiny: Eschatology & the Image of God in Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics and Eglinton, James P., Trinity and Organism: Towards a New Reading of Herman Bavinck’s Organic Motif reviewed by John Bolt