Who can subscribe?
The forum is open to all members of the Bavinck Society. To subscribe, send your request to the webmaster.
How do I send a message to the group?
Address your e-mail to the group address: [email protected].
How do I reply to a group message?
When replying to messages received from the group, mind the distinction between the reply and reply to all buttons in your e-mail program. The former sends a public reply to the group; the latter sends a private reply to the author only. Since the point of a forum is group discussion, using reply to all is recommended, unless, of course, you desire to have a private conversation on the side.Tip: If you use Gmail shortcut keys, “a” is for reply to all, and “r” is for reply.
How do I log in?
(1) Go to the Bavinck Society Forum group page.(2) Select the Sign in to Google Groups link.(3) If you are a CTS faculty member or student, sign in using your CTS account. If not, then select Sign in with a different account at the bottom of the page, and sign in with a free Google account.

What is the forum archive?
Every e-mail sent to the group is archived in a private, searchable, web-based archive. This way members who join later can benefit from previous discussions. Accessing the archive requires logging in to the forum group page. 
How do I change my delivery options?
You can control how frequently you receive messages from the group by selecting one of the following options: (1) receive every e-mail instantly (the default option); (2) receive a daily abridged summary; (3) receive a daily, unabridged summary; (4) web-only (i.e., no e-mails; access via the web archive only). To change this setting, log in (see above). Then select the edit my membership tab and choose your desired setting.

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