International Conference on Bavinck’s Ethics

Theological University Kampen (Broederweg)

An international conference will focus on the theme of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics. The conference is organized by the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute in Kampen in the Netherlands.

When: Thu., Sep. 19th — Fri., Sep. 20th, 2019.

Where: Theological University Kampen, Netherlands.

Who: Speakers and topics include:

  • Roel Kuiper (TU Kampen) – Opening
  • Dirk van Keulen (TU Kampen) – Presentation of Herman Bavinck’s Gereformeerde Ethiek
  • Kees van der Kooi (VU Amsterdam) – ‘We as his.’ Some remarks on Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics
  • James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh) – Herman Bavinck on Christian ethics in the age of Nietzsche
  • Wim van Vlastuin (VU/HHS Amsterdam) – Is Bavinck among the Puritans?
  • John Bolt (Calvin Seminary) – Herman Bavinck as a ‘man of science’ in the Reformed Ethics.  And:  Presentation of volume 1 of the English edition of Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics.
  • Gerard den Hertog (TU Apeldoorn) – Communion with Christ and Discipleship in Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics
  • Jessica Joustra (TU Kampen) – Conformity to Christ’s Suffering in Self-Denial and Cross-Bearing: Bavinck on the Role of Positive and Negative Virtues in the Imitation of Christ
  • Hans Burger (TU Kampen) – The Renewal of the Mind: Cognitive Aspects of Sin, Conversion and Spiritual Life
  • Ernst Conradie (UWC) – Could Herman Bavinck be Regarded as an Early Exponent of Christian Ecotheology?
  • Henk van den Belt (VU Amsterdam) – Medicine against Doubt: The Development of Bavinck’s View of Certainty and Assurance
  • Hillie van de Streek (TU Kampen) – Bavinck’s View on the Position of Women in Society
  • Albert Gootjes (University of Utrecht) – Dispensing with the Dutch? Bavinck Translations from the Reformed Dogmatics to the Reformed Ethics
  • Ad de Bruijne (TU Kampen) – Reformed Ethics Today
  • Marcel Sarot – Bavinck on the Imitation of Christ and Mystical Union: A Roman Catholic Appreciation
  • Gray Sutanto Original Sin in Bavinck’s Ethics and Dogmatics

Registration: Register for the conference here.

More Information: The official invitation can be read here. More information is available here on the official conference website.