The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary promotes international scholarship and collegiality in the Reformed catholic tradition of Herman Bavinck (1854–1921), the Dutch theologian and author of the four-volume Reformed Dogmatics; his nephew, Johan Herman Bavinck (1895–1964), missionary to Indonesia and pioneer Reformed missiologist; and his neo-Calvinist contemporaries such as Abraham Kuyper, Willem Geesink, and B. B. Warfield.


The Bavinck Institute facilitates research and friendships among scholars, teachers, pastors, and students through:

  • the Institute’s website, which is an international headquarters for news, scholarship, conferences, publications, and discussions,
  • a scholarly Society with a discussion forum for members,
  • and the annual Review.


Centenary of Bavinck’s Death: July 29, 2021

Herman Bavinck passed away on the morning of July 29, 1921, after a lengthy illness. In remembrance we pass on two essays by James Eglinton that point to the ongoing relevance on Bavinck’s work: “Herman Bavinck: 100 years On” and “Becoming Human at Home: Herman Bavinck on the Family”

Bavinck Review 11 (2020) Published

The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary is pleased to publish the Bavinck Review 11 (2020). This issue contains a study of Bavinck’s anthropology: Anthony Hoekema’s The Centrality of the Heart in Herman Bavinck’s Anthropology. Contents Editorial The Centrality of the Heart in Herman Bavinck’s Anthropology by Anthony A. Hoekema Index Pearls and Leaven Contributors Bavinck …