The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary promotes international scholarship and collegiality in the Reformed catholic tradition of Herman Bavinck (1854–1921), the Dutch theologian and author of the four-volume Reformed Dogmatics; his nephew, Johan Herman Bavinck (1895–1964), missionary to Indonesia and pioneer Reformed missiologist; and his neo-Calvinist contemporaries such as Abraham Kuyper, Willem Geesink, and B. B. Warfield.


The Bavinck Institute facilitates research and friendships among scholars, teachers, pastors, and students through:

  • the Institute’s website, which is an international headquarters for news, scholarship, conferences, publications, and discussions,
  • a scholarly Society with a discussion forum for members,
  • and the annual Review.


Herman Bavinck’s Lectures in Dogmatics

Exciting news for those who can read Dutch: Herman Bavinck’s manuscript for his Amsterdam lectures in Dogmatics , “The Most Important Problems in Dogmatics Today” [“De voornaamste problemen der tegenwoordige dogmatiek”], has been published for the first time. The text was curated, introduced, and annotated by Dr. Dirk van Keulen of the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute …

Centenary of Bavinck’s Death: July 29, 2021

Herman Bavinck passed away on the morning of July 29, 1921, after a lengthy illness. In remembrance we pass on two essays by James Eglinton that point to the ongoing relevance on Bavinck’s work: “Herman Bavinck: 100 years On” and “Becoming Human at Home: Herman Bavinck on the Family”