Bavinck Centenary Conference

Brisbane, Australia

The Brisbane School of Theology is convening a two-day conference to mark the centenary of the death of Herman Bavinck (1854-1921).

Plenary sessions will examine the contours of Bavinck’s theology, roundtables will consider Bavinck’s relevance for contemporary Christianity, and short papers will address various aspects of Bavinck’s life, thought, and legacy.

Theme: Bavinck’s theology, life, thought, legacy, and relevance for contemporary Christianity.

Where: Brisbane School of Theology, Brisbane, Australia.

When: July 5–6, 2021.

Call for papers can be viewed here. Deadline for proposed papers is 7 December, 2020.

Plenary lectures include:

  • James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh) — “Herman Bavinck as a Politician
  • Graham Cole (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) — “Herman Bavinck as a Trinitarian Theologian
  • Henk van den Belt (Free University of Amsterdam) — “Herman Bavinck’s Appropriation of Reformed Sources
  • Oliver Crisp (University of St Andrews) — “Herman Bavinck’s Use of Philosophy
  • Koert van Bekkum (Kampen Theological University) — “Herman Bavinck’s Use of Scripture”

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Wonderful Works of God — Magnalia Dei

The Wonderful Works of God, a new edition of the English translation of
Herman Bavinck’s Magnalia Dei

The Wonderful Works of God, an English translation of Herman Bavinck’s Magnalia Dei, is now widely available. Magnalia Dei has long been prized as a faithful one-volume summary of systematic theology. This English translation by Henry Zylstra was originally published in 1956 under the title Our Reasonable Faith. The new edition contains many enhancements: Bavinck’s original foreword (previously unavailable in English), an introduction by R. Carlton Wynne, and a useful scripture and subject index. The typesetting has also been updated.

You can buy The Wonderful Works of God from the publisher, Westminster Seminary Press, from Reformation Heritage Books for $27 , or from online sellers like Amazon.

The book has received several favorable reviews. For example, in his review Brian Mattson describes Magnalia Dei as perhaps “the best single-volume Reformed systematic theology ever produced.

The Dutch edition of Herman Bavinck’s Magnalia Dei

Bavinck Review 10 (2019) Published

The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Seminary is pleased to publish the Bavinck Review 10 (2019).




Kuyper and Bavinck on Natural Theology by Richard A. Muller
Nicolaus Steffens on Christianity as a Remedial Scheme by George Harinck


Herman Bavinck’s Foreword to Unbelief and Revolution by Andrew Kloes and Harry Van Dyke
W.B. Kristensen’s “On Herman Bavinck’s Scientific Work” by Laurence O’Donnell
Herman Bavinck’s Notebook on Calvin’s Doctrine of Sin by Gregory W. Parker Jr.

Pearls and Leaven

“Collision of Duties” by Herman Bavinck


Herman Bavinck, Philosophy of Revelation, ed. Cory Brock and Nathaniel Gray Sutanto by Eduardo Echeverria

Bavinck Bibliography 2018–2019


International Conference on Bavinck’s Ethics

Theological University Kampen (Broederweg)

An international conference will focus on the theme of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics. The conference is organized by the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute in Kampen in the Netherlands.

When: Thu., Sep. 19th — Fri., Sep. 20th, 2019.

Where: Theological University Kampen, Netherlands.

Who: Speakers and topics include:

  • Roel Kuiper (TU Kampen) – Opening
  • Dirk van Keulen (TU Kampen) – Presentation of Herman Bavinck’s Gereformeerde Ethiek
  • Kees van der Kooi (VU Amsterdam) – ‘We as his.’ Some remarks on Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics
  • James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh) – Herman Bavinck on Christian ethics in the age of Nietzsche
  • Wim van Vlastuin (VU/HHS Amsterdam) – Is Bavinck among the Puritans?
  • John Bolt (Calvin Seminary) – Herman Bavinck as a ‘man of science’ in the Reformed Ethics.  And:  Presentation of volume 1 of the English edition of Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics.
  • Gerard den Hertog (TU Apeldoorn) – Communion with Christ and Discipleship in Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics
  • Jessica Joustra (TU Kampen) – Conformity to Christ’s Suffering in Self-Denial and Cross-Bearing: Bavinck on the Role of Positive and Negative Virtues in the Imitation of Christ
  • Hans Burger (TU Kampen) – The Renewal of the Mind: Cognitive Aspects of Sin, Conversion and Spiritual Life
  • Ernst Conradie (UWC) – Could Herman Bavinck be Regarded as an Early Exponent of Christian Ecotheology?
  • Henk van den Belt (VU Amsterdam) – Medicine against Doubt: The Development of Bavinck’s View of Certainty and Assurance
  • Hillie van de Streek (TU Kampen) – Bavinck’s View on the Position of Women in Society
  • Albert Gootjes (University of Utrecht) – Dispensing with the Dutch? Bavinck Translations from the Reformed Dogmatics to the Reformed Ethics
  • Ad de Bruijne (TU Kampen) – Reformed Ethics Today
  • Marcel Sarot – Bavinck on the Imitation of Christ and Mystical Union: A Roman Catholic Appreciation
  • Gray Sutanto Original Sin in Bavinck’s Ethics and Dogmatics

Registration: Register for the conference here.

More Information: The official invitation can be read here. More information is available here on the official conference website.

Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics available

Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics Vol.1: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity

Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics Vol. 1: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity is now widely available for sale.

The price is about $37 from Amazon and Christianbook, slightly more at Baker Book House , and $32 from Reformation Heritage Books (RHB also sell Bavinck’s Essays for $24).

In a recent review, Brian Mattson describes it as a “timely work” and a “treasure trove,” valuable for scholars and theologians but also promising “deep spiritual profit” for believers who read it.


Kuyper Conference 2019

Conference: “Christ and Community”

When: 23–25 April 2019

Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. (Prince Conference Center at Calvin College & Seminary.)

Plenary speakers:

  • James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh)
     Neo-Calvinism: Good News for Communities in Despair?
  • Kristen Deede Johnson (Western Theological Seminary)  Expanding our Gospel Imagination: The Great Commission Call to Seek God’s Kingdom and Justice in Our Communities and Institutions
  • Mark Gornick and Maria Liu-Wong (City Seminary of New York)   Stay in the City
  • Hans Boersma (Nashotah House Theological Seminary)  Neo-Calvinism and the Beatific Vision: Eschatology in the Reformed Tradition

Registration:  You can register for the conference here.

More information:   See the Kuyper Conference Website or this (PDF 240 KB) for more information.

Bavinck’s “Beginselen der Pscyhologie” (1923)

The 1923 edition of Herman Bavinck’s Beginselen der Pscychologie, edited by Valentin Hepp, can now be accessed here. Hepp praised the work as “beyond comparison” on its subject matter. The 1897 edition of Beginselen der Pscychologie has long been available on Google Books. (Links to these and other works by Herman Bavinck are provided on the bibliography page.)

Exciting news is that an English translation of Beginselen der Pscychologie is scheduled to appear in The Bavinck Review early in 2019.