“Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics” by Dirk van Keulen

Dr. Dirk van Keulen
Dr. Dirk van Keulen

Dr. Dirk van Keulen, general editor of the works of A.A. van Ruler, lectured on “Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics” (MP3) at the 2008 “Perl and Leaven” Bavinck conference. He delves into the various manuscripts at the Bavinck archives at Kampen and De VU and sheds an intriguing historical light on Bavinck’s lectures in ethics.

A published version of Dr. van Keulen’s lecture, including illustrations of the manuscript, appears in the first volume of the Review: “Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics: Some Remarks about Unpublished Manuscripts in the Libraries of Amsterdam and Kampen”

An update on the ongoing English translation and publication of the Reformed Ethics will appear in vol. 6 of the Review.

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