Bavinck Centenary Conference: December, 2021

The Brisbane School of Theology is convening a two-day conference to mark the centenary of the death of Herman Bavinck (1854-1921).

Please note the new date: 6–7 December, 2021.

Plenary sessions will examine the contours of Bavinck’s theology, roundtables will consider Bavinck’s relevance for contemporary Christianity, and short papers will address various aspects of Bavinck’s life, thought, and legacy.

Theme: Bavinck’s theology, life, thought, legacy, and relevance for contemporary Christianity.

Where: Brisbane School of Theology, Brisbane, Australia.

When: December 6–7, 2021.

Call for papers can be viewed here. Deadline for proposed papers is June 6, 2021.

Plenary lectures include:

  • James Eglinton (University of Edinburgh) — “Herman Bavinck as a Politician
  • Graham Cole (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) — “Herman Bavinck as a Trinitarian Theologian
  • Henk van den Belt (Free University of Amsterdam) — “Herman Bavinck’s Appropriation of Reformed Sources
  • Oliver Crisp (University of St Andrews) — “Herman Bavinck’s Use of Philosophy
  • Koert van Bekkum (Kampen Theological University) — “Herman Bavinck’s Use of Scripture”

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  1. Are there any plans to offer a Livestream of the plenary sessions for a digital conference price?

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