CLP publishes translation of The Christian Family by Herman Bavinck

The Christian’s Library Press recently announced its publication of the first English translation of Herman Bavinck’s Het Christelijk Huisgezin, 2nd ed. (1912): The Christian Family.

Originally written in Dutch by a major Reformed theologian, this English translation explains the origins of marriage and the family then describes how sin has affected human relationships. When it was published in 1908, the book served as a manual for Christian families just as the secular concepts of marriage and family were beginning to change. Bavinck evaluates historic Christian theology that deals with marriage and makes it applicable for his readers.

The family unit is the building block of society and because of this, Christian families must be morally healthy. For society to flourish, Bavinck explains, families must first be moral.  Rather than change as the secular world changes, Christian families must remain firm and follow Biblical instruction.  The Christian Family, rooted in biblical truth, explains marriage and family life in a simple manner that is especially applicable for modern readers.

John Bolt, professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, said readers will be “challenged” by Bavinck on the very issues that threaten the family today. “They will be also encouraged because Bavinck so obviously loved the family and celebrated it in hope,” he said. “This is a great read for those who are married or contemplating marriage and family.” — CLP press release

The Christian Family is available in print, Kindle, and several digital editions.

The Bavinck Review 3 (2012)

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Cover, Front Matter, Contents, and Editorial by John Bolt


“Created Over a Second Time” or “Grace Restoring Nature”? Edwards and Bavinck on the Heart of Christian Salvation by Dane C. Ortlund

Beyond the Schleiermacher-Barth Dilemma: General Revelation, Bavinckian Consensus, and the Future of Reformed Theology by Robert S. Covolo

Working with the Grain of Nature: Epistemic Underpinnings for Christian Witness in the Theology of Herman Bavinck by Steven J. Duby

Herman Bavinck, Lesslie Newbigin, and Reformed Mission in the Global Workplace by Matthew Kaemingk

Johan H. Bavinck’s Missiology and Its Implications for the Term Question in Korean Bible Translation by Daniel Sung-Ho Ahn

In Translation

The Theology of Albrecht Ritschl by Herman Bavinck, translated by John Bolt

Herman Bavinck on Scottish Covenant Theology and Reformed Piety translated and introduced by Henk van den Belt

Pearls and Leaven

Bavinck Tributes by John Bolt

Bavinck Bibliography 2011

Book Reviews

Bowlin, John, ed., The Kuyper Center Review, Volume Two: Revelation and Common Grace reviewed by Laurence R. O’Donnell III

Audio from Doctrine for Proclamation Conference

The following lectures were delivered at the 18 October 2012 Doctrine for Proclamation conference at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, in honor of J. I. Packer, recipient of the 2012 Bavinck Prize Bavinck Prize for Outstanding Reformed Contribution to the Church, the Academy or Public Life.

Stanley Mast: “Preaching Sound Doctrine in an Age of Itching Ears” (MP3, 47.3MB; Duration: 51:37)


Michael Goheen: “A Theology that Equips the Church for Mission” (MP3, 82.5MB; Duration: 1:30:09)


Todd Rester: “Doctrine is for Preaching; Preaching is for Living”: An introduction to Petrus van Mastricht’s Theologia Theoretica-Practica (MP3, 62.2MB; Duration: 1:07:57)


John Bolt: “The Missional character of the (Herman and J.H.) Bavinck Tradition (MP3, 74.2MB; Duration: 1:21:00)


2012 Bavinck Prize Awarded to J.I. Packer

The Bavinck Institute at Calvin Theological Seminary is honored to present the 2012 Bavinck Prize for Outstanding Reformed Contribution to the Church, the Academy or Public Life, to the Reverend, Professor, Dr. James Innell Packer for his life-long work as a churchman, theologian, and teacher.

The prize will be awarded (in absentia) at the Doctrine for Proclamation Conference in honor of Professor Packer to be held on 18 October 2012 at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI.

Edit 26 October 2012: watch the presentation of the 2012 Bavinck Prize on Vimeo.

Extended registration deadline for Paris neo-Calvinism conference

Registration for the 23–24 August 2012 “Neo-Calvinism and the French Revolution” conference has been extended through June 30th. The updated flier (PDF) includes details on the conference schedule, paper topics, and speakers, several of whom are Bavinck Society members. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy stimulating conversations on neo-Calvinism (Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, Groen van Prinsterer, et al.) in the City of Lights!

Interview with Brian Mattson on Restored To Our Destiny

The past twelve months have been fruitful ones for Herman Bavinck scholarship. In addition to the recently published award-winning student essays from the 2008 and 2011 Bavinck conferences (see Five Studies and TBR 3), three Bavinck Society members have recently published significant essays on various aspects of Bavinck’s thought and life.

In order to introduce these authors and their works, the Bavinck Institute is starting a series of author interviews. The first is with Dr. Brian G. Mattson on his new book Restored to Our Destiny: Eschatology & the Image of God in Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics, Studies in Reformed Theology 21 (Leiden: Brill, 2011).

Continue reading “Interview with Brian Mattson on Restored To Our Destiny”

Paris Neo-Calvinism Conference and Call for Papers

Kampen Theological University, the Archive and Documentation Centre, and the Historical Documentation Centre at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam invite you to a two-day conference on neo-Calvinism (Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, Groen van Prinsterer, et al.) and the French Revolution at the library of The American Church in Paris on 23–24 August 2012.



The French Revolution was the scene of much intellectual and social upheaval. Its impact touched a wide range of subjects: the relationship of the church to the state, social relationships, science, literature, fashion, philosophy and theology. Although the French Revolution’s momentum was felt across Europe and North America, it met a particularly interesting response in the Netherlands, at that time the scene of a burgeoning neo-Calvinist movement. In that context, the likes of Groen van Prinsterer, Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck responded to the French Revolution’s ideals and influence in a variety of intellectual and practical ways.

This conference will focus on the historical and theological aspects of this neo-Calvinist response to the French Revolution.

Download PDF for further details

De Wit obtains doctorate at the VU with a dissertation on Bavinck

Congratulations to Bavinck Society member Willem-Jan de Wit, who received his doctorate from the VU University Amsterdam on December 16, 2011 (see also this Reformed Daily exclusive).

De Wit’s dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. A van de Beek and Prof. C. van der Kooi, is titled, On the Way to the Loving God (VU University Press, 2011). It offers a “cathartic reading” of Herman Bavinck’s faith wrestlings, beginning with his student years at Leiden. The dissertation is available as a free download via his web site as is his related article in TBR 2: “Will I Remain Standing?”: A Cathartic Reading of Herman Bavinck.

Dr. de Wit works in Cairo on behalf of the Reformed Mission Union (Gereformeerde Zendingsbond), teaching at the Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Five Studies in the Thought of Herman Bavinck

The Bavinck Institute is pleased to announce the publication of the prize-winning essays from the 2008 “Pearl and Leaven” international Bavinck Conference held at Calvin Theological Seminary:

John Bolt, ed., Five Studies in the Thought of Herman Bavinck, A Creator of Modern Dutch Theology (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen, 2011).


  1. Herman Bavinck’s Thomistic Epistemology: The Argument and Sources of his Principia of Science — by David S. Sytsma
  2. Unleavened Morality? Herman Bavinck on Natural Law — by Theodore G. Van Raalte
  3. Trinity and History: Bavrnck, Hegel, and Nineteenth Century Doctrines of God — by Adam Eitel
  4. Covenant Christology: Herman Bavinck and the Pactum Salutis — by Mark Jones
  5. The Status of Women in Contemporary Society: Principles and Practice in Herman Bavinck’s Socio-Political Thought — by Niels (GM.) van Driel


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